Truck engine system is the power source of the commercial trucks, and FAST transmisson system could transfer th power to vehicle drive axle and make the truck runing well, so each transmission system parts may affect the power transmission and truck normal running.

Togmax Group, as professional truck spare parts supplier, we mainly supply high performance original commercial truck FAST transmission gearbox system products to make sure end users satisfied transmission experience, like genuine Beiben truck 12JS160T Fast gearbox, Fast 12JS200T gearbox, original Sinotruk FAST gearboxes, OE Shacman truck clutch assembly with good price directly to fleets, which will help fleet customers reduce trial and error cost hugly and keep high working performance.

The clutch is an essential part of the transmission, which transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. All Wizever clutch parts are made with the highest OE standards. Wizever’s best-in-class friction material is known for its outstanding performance.

The clutch disc, also known as the clutch drive plate, is a part placed between the pressure plate of the clutch cover and the flywheel. When the truck clutch is engaged, the disc is squeezed between the friction surfaces of these two parts.

The role of the drive plate is to connect the engine to the gearbox moving at a different speed to gradually allow full torque transfer during driving to filter engine vibrations.

Wizever clutch discs are designed to offer improved product life, with excellent heat and wear resistance. The facings used in this rotating component in the clutch system have excellent anti-shudder properties. As a result, drivers enjoy smoother clutch engagement and release, with reduced vibration and operational noise.

Meanwhile, Togmax Group, as professional fleet spare parts solutions provider, we also provide high quality truck tyres and mixing loading solutions for truck tires and spare parts to keep whole auto parts supply chain competitive.

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